Midwifery Care, Inc. provides a full scope of women's health care for every phase of a woman's life. From annual well-woman exams to pregnancy planning and delivery, you'll find a description of the wide array of services offered by our midwife team on this page. But we know what's important isn't just what we offer, but how we offer it. You can count on our team of midwives in Poland to possess the knowledge, expertise and caring attitude, which will satisfy all your individual needs.

What Sets Us Apart

It is our philosophy and approach to care that makes us different.  We are women and we believe in women and the natural process from birth through menopause.  We individualize our care by taking time to “listen” to women.  Answer questions, explain options and choices and allow women to have a voice by supporting their decisions for health care.  We become partners in care.  We are “with women” providing care throughout the life span from teenage years through the menopause.